SDSUV 2019 BCA (V Sem) .Net Technology

Visual Basic .Net

Visualvisual is an object oriented programming language designed by Microsoft.By the name of the language only you can see that this is a language for beginners.Although the language is aimed at noobs.We should not underestimate the power of language itself there are people who criticize because the simplicity of the syntax but has the ability to create very powerful and sophisticated application is a great place to start because of easy and straight forward the syntax is easy.And you will find yourself not writing hundred of lines of code as there are many shortcut that make coding so much easier in this language the main part of the are

  1. Console application
  2. Window application
  3. Web application
  4. Class library
  5. Application deployment application
  6. WPF application
  7. Wcp application
  8. Web services

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