Python Keywords

Python Keywords are special reserved words which convey a special meaning to the compiler/interpreter. Each keyword have a special meaning and a specific operation. These keywords can’t be used as variable. Following is the List of Python Keywords.

Keywords in python is very small topic,



These above shown are python keywords which we are going to use in our upcoming tutorials


Identifiers are the names given to the fundamental building blocks in a program.

These can be variables ,class ,object ,functions , lists , dictionaries etc.

There are certain rules defined for naming i.e., Identifiers.

I. An identifier is a long sequence of characters and numbers.

II.No special character except underscore ( _ ) can be used as an identifier.

III.Keyword should not be used as an identifier name.

IV.Python is case sensitive. So using case is significant.

V.First character of an identifier can be character, underscore ( _ ) but not digit.