Installing Python and Python IDE

Steps to Install Python

Download Python 1
    1. Download the latest version
    1. Install like a normal software
    1. Happy coding 

Downloading Python

For downloading python you can just click here or go to google and then type PYTHON and search for it,result will look something like this: Download Python 2 then you can go to any website you like but should go to official website shown in the image above and click on it ( As shown in the image the official website should look like this now,click on downloads Another page will open up and there click on Download python 3.7.2 Download Python 3 now downloading will be started automatically. after you have downloaded the python follow up the following steps to install python

Installing Python

  • Double click on the downloaded setup

  • This type of window will open up: Installing python 1 click on “Run” or “Yes” according to your window

  • then a new window will pop up like this:Installing python 2  now check the both boxes and click on Install Now button

  • a new pop up window may appear chose yes from it:Installing python 3

  • Now installing will start and finish automatically

Installing Python IDE Pycharm

Follow the following steps to download and install Pycharm

  1. Download Pycharm by clicking here

or you can follow these steps:Pycharm installing 1

      1. Go to google and search for Pycharm your result would look like this: 
      2. Click on the first link which is from
      3. Following window will be open up,now click on downloadinstalling Pycharm 2
      4. Pycharm installing 4A new page will open up,there you have to chose your operating system(Windows/Mac?linux) and then you have two versions of pycharm IDE one is Professional and the other is community version

    Professional version is paid whereas Community Version is free.Other differences you can see on the website.We are going with the Community version
    Download the version you wish

  1. After Download has been finished folloe steps to install it
  2. Open the pycharm-community-2018.3.3.exe file which you may have downloadedPycharm installing 5 Pycharm installing 6
  3. two(or only one) pop up window will appear up as follows:
  4. Installing window will appear up select next from itPycharm installing 7
  5. Pycharm installing 8Select the destination path where you want to install Pycharm you may also go with the default path and it’s recommended to go with default path.
  6.  As red marks shown in figure,check all of the boxes(except 32/64 bit because ot depend upon your OS you should go with 64bit if you have purchased your system after 2016) Installing Python and Python IDE
  7. Now click on Next and then install after sometime it will get installed and chose to restart your system

Hopefully you have enjoyed the session and if any problem is encounter you can contact us through comments

Next topic will be a hello world Program in Python

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